Relevant Coursework with Dr. Antunovic

Students at the University of Minnesota have the opportunity to take the following classes with Dr. Antunovic: 

  • KIN 3131W: History and Philosophy in Sport and Physical Activity.
    • Introductory description and interpretation of the historical and philosophical development of physical education and sport from primitive societies to 20th century civilization. 
  • SMGT 3501/3501H: Sport in a Diverse Society.
    • Relationship between sport and contemporary social institutions. Groups/individuals who have historically been marginalized or excluded from sport participation. Race, sex, social class, sexual orientation, physical (dis)abilities. 
  • KIN 4001H: Honors Seminar in KIN, PAHP, and SMGT. 
    • Students will learn how to critically review research articles and how to write a thesis literature review, methods, results, and discussion section. Students will choose to write a systematic literature review or conduct a research study under the guidance of their adviser. Students will write and provide peer reviews for the thesis literature reviews and methods sections. Instruction regarding writing a results and discussion section will be provided. Students are encouraged to register for this course the semester before their expected graduation term. Prerequisites: Honors student and Kinesiology major, PAHP major, or SMGT major. 
  • KIN 5371: Sport and Society
    • Sport, sporting processes, social influences, systems. Structures that have effected and exist within/among societies, nations, and cultures. Contemporary issues such as social differentiation, violence, and honesty.

UMN Students

MARIS welcomes undergraduate and graduate students from across the University of Minnesota and maintains an international network of collaborators.

Contact MARIS director Dr. Dunja Antunovic at [email protected] and MARIS student representative Hokeun Choi at [email protected] to find out about opportunities to get involved! 

Undergraduate Students 

  • UMN undergraduate students: Sign up for a KIN3993 directed study with Dr. Antunovic.
    • Minimum expectations: 1 credit hour of directed study for one semester 
    • University Honors Program (UHP) Students: Conduct your thesis research. 
    • Minimum expectations: 1 credit hour of directed study for two semesters each and as outlined by the UHP 
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP): Conduct a funded independent research project under the mentorship of a faculty member. 
    • Minimum expectations: As outlined by UROP 
  • Undergraduate research assistantships for UMN students are available depending on funding. Check the Office of Human Resources website and the School of Kinesiology Undergraduate Wire for opportunities. 

Graduate Students 

  • UMN graduate students: Sign up for KIN5992: Readings in Kinesiology with Dr. Antunovic. 
    • Minimum expectations: 1 credit hour for one semester 
  • Prospective graduate students: Apply to the Kinesiology M.S. or PhD program in Sport Sociology.
    • Application due date is December 1